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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  October 29, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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go to facebook or twitter to weigh in on our fire back question. will obama care improve your health care coverage. right now 29% of you say yes. 71% say no. >> the debate continues online at cnn doc/crossfire as well as facebook and twitter. from the left. i'm stephanie cutter. >> from the right, i'll newt gingrich. join us tomorrow for another edition of "crossfire." erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront." spying on manager's best friends. today spies finally went on offense. >> some of this reminds me a lot of the classic movie, casa blanca. my god, there's gambling going on here. >> plus a grisly discovery at two water treatment plantss. >> they discovered a human torso. and motive for murder?
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macneill's mistress speaks. >> i believe she said he had sent them a message that that was the case. >> that you were getting married. >> something like that. >> let's go "outfront." >> good evening. i'm erin burnett. outfront, coming out swinging. finally someone in the administration defends the nsa spying a allies, including world leader's cell phones. the director of national intelligence james clapper and the chief of the nsa, keith alexander, testified before congress and their defense was clear and aggressive. >> do you believe that the allies have conducted or at any time, any type of espionage activity against the united states of america, our intelligence services, our leaders or otherwise? >> absolutely. >> there has not been a mass casualty in the u.s. since 2001.
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that's not by luck. they continue to tray. it is the great members in the intelligence community, our military, our law enforcement that have stood up and said, this is our job. >> defending themselves with passion and conviction which up to this point we hadn't seen much of in material of defense. jim shuuto watching today. what were the revelations at the hearing? >> you got the sense that they were just waiting to have the chance to push back like this. and they pushed back very strong. first on spying. both clapper and alexander saying that our allies spy on us, including on our leaders. that in fact the intelligence services in europe do so to an extent that maybe the elected leaders in europe are not aware of. and they made the argument that the u.s. has better oversight than europe does. but they said no one's hands are clean. that we spy on our allies, including right up to the leadership. they made a case that leadership
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intentions are reasonable and acceptable target for intelligence gathering which would seem to indicate that even the contents of the cell phone calls of someone like angela merkel are fair game in the spy game. >> and jim, the nsa chief came out against allegations the u.s. has been spying on european citizens will these headlines, it seems every day. 70 million calls here, 60 million calls there bull they were really, really defensive on that issue, right? >> they were. they took a shot at the media saying there has been some very bad reporting out there. what they said is that these reports were based on the misreading of a single slide released by edward snowden. and that slide showing these numbers in millions and so on. but in fact, the nsa collected no information in europe. they say that any information, i in of this meta data, that's with a it was. not phone call or conten was
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done by european services, not by the nsa. that it was not in fact the citizens of those countries, france and spain, but collected from a number of sources by the u.s. and nato allies in support of military operations abroad. here's how they made that case at the hearings today. >> the assertions by spain, italy, that nsa collected ten of million of phone call are completely false. to be perfectly clear, this is not information that we collected on european citizens. it represents information that we and our nato allies have collected in defense of our countries and in support of military operations. >> so in effect, they're saying that one of the strongest reasons for this anger we've been seeing from europe started with nothing. the misinterpretation, erin, of a single power point slide.
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>> wow, we shall see. that was the tip of the iceberg. thanks so much to you. >> republican senator rand paul sits on both the foreign relations and homeland security committees. great to have you with us. you heard james clapper's response. are they spying on america? and his answer was categorical, absolutely. if that's true, should america stop spying on its closest allies? >> i guess the real question, who is in charge? the president doesn't seem to know if he is spying on our allies. from where i sit it doesn't seal like a good idea or it doesn't seem to advance diplomacy for us to be spying on our allies. personally the particular phone of the president of germany for ten years. i think that seems unseemly. that goes against having relations with your allies. >> people on the other side say america doesn't have the luxury of not spying when other people are spying. if your allies are spying out,
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then you've got no choice. >> yeah. didn't we have something about that when we were children about two wrongs don't make a right? i want our government to say that on terrorists, on people who they have probable cause that may attack us. but i think wasting time, spying on 70 million spaniards or 30 million french or 124 billion pieces of information from americans, i don't feel any safer. but do i feel like my privacy is being intruded on. i think the rest of the world feels that way. the question is will it eventually have downer productive effects, us being that great spy lord for the whole world. >> the spy lord. let me play something else. >> we face an unending array of threats to our way of life, more than i've seen in my 50 years of intelligence. >> and of course he's talking about broader threats. you're saying it is okay to spy on terrorists but not our allies.
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but 9/11 as we now know, a significant part of that was coordinated and planned in germany. industrial espionage hams all the time. the europeans i'm sure would love to spy and get all they can so they can get advantage. why wouldn't we spy on europe to help europe, too? >> here's the thing. you have the chairman of the judiciary committee, senator leahy, one of the committees in the hour, james sensenbrenner work the authors of the patriot act. we don't seem to know who is in charge. it is conceivable that the head of the intelligence is spying on our president's cell phone. so we don't know who is in charge. and we think they've overstem their bounds. you have people who were authors of the patriots act saying our intelligence agents have gone too far. not to mention that jail clapper came to congress and lied and that he was not doing surveillance. he was not collecting any data on americans. so there is a lot of trust being
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lost and i think there is a great deal of credibility lost. and we have to trust our officials if we're going to let them have such sensitive information about our personal lives. >> your fellow tea party backed republican marco rubio is among those who seem to support these programs. we've though there has been a huge lack of transparency. here's what he said a couple days ago. >> everyone spies on everybody. at the end of the day, if you are a u.s. government official traveling abroad you are aware that anything you have on your cell phone, your ipad could be monitored by foreign intelligence agencies including that of your own allies. >> i totally understand your point. you want to know what they're doing and you have a rate. to especially given all the committees you're sitting on. the ceos have said it takes the chinese 90 seconds to steal everything from your hotel room. the french a little longer. >> here's the thing. here's the thing. there are 4 billion people on the planet. if we're going to spy on everybody all the time, if we're going to have this big brother
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state that we are going on live in, i'm afraid that that detracts from actually focusing in on the terrorists. we had one terrorist, the 20th terrorist, we caught a month in advance of 9/11. we didn't do good police work. we did not even ask for a warrant of i think this excessive surveillance state where serve equally a terrorist and we'll look at every american's records. i think that distracts from the prays. i think we need to focus on the terrorists and not be such a dragnet that we bring every innocent person in the world. >> maybe the hay stack is too big to find the needle. before you go, wrou a letter here. it says you object to a vote on janet yellin's fed chairmanship unless there is a vote on your bill. in english translating that, you tried to do something similar with the john brennan
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filibuster. are you prepared to stand there and filibuster again? >> we'll see. i do want to make the point that for three years we've asked harry reid for a vote. it passed the house overwhelmingly. over 100 democrats and all of the republicans voted for auditing the fed waefrl supposed to be in charge of the fed. congress has abdicated its duty. we have a lot of wealthy people get wealthier but a lot of poor people are getting poorer and there is an illusion of wealth. i'm for looking into what's going on at the fed and not allowing it to be seek. >> thank you very much. as always appreciate it. was the apology from the right person? and the issue may be whether the president intentionally misled the public on a crucial aspect
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our second story, human body parts found in two water treatment plants. authorities have found the upper torso of a female body in a waste water treatment plant in
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california, about 20 miles outside of los angeles. this come on the heel of a discovery of human remains at another treatment plant 30 mile away in carson on saturday. kyung lah is "outfront." >> reporter: detectives have an unusual case on their hands. it begins with a gruesome final at a sewage plant over the weekend. a pelvis and legs. then at a second sewage plant, 30 mails north yesterday, they found a head and a torso belonging to a woman. investigators now believe what they are dealing with is a murder. you believe that these two plants and what was found at the plants are connected. >> yes. >> reporter: why do you believe they're connected? >> the way that the body was separated and the body parts that were discovered at both plants seem to fit almost like a puzzle. if you will. >> reporter: there is only one way into the lines that feed
4:16 pm
these particular sewage plants through a manhole. investigators do believe that the body entered the system that way. now, these two plants deal with recycled water. they feed into the ocean. they do not feed into the california drinking supply. the l.a. county coroner is trying to determine a cause of death as well as identify this woman. erin in. >> horrible. our third story outfront. the money and power of google. the tech giant is known for being a little quirky. one of the reason people think google is behind this. this is a barge you're looking at near treasure island in the san francisco bay. it stacked with a four story structure built out of shipping containers. what is it? and why has it attracted so much attention? you went out on a boat today to try to get an up close look to figure out what this thing is. what did you see and what were you hoping to see?
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>> wellering with saw the building right up close. and it is quite spectacularly large for something that is right out in the open. if it is supposed to be a secret. we were hoping to see that the windows would be showing light all way from one side to the other. that would tell you something about what is inside the structure. but the windows were closed off so we weren't able to tell that. >> what makes you think this is a google project? >> i did a lot of reporting that sort of connected this structure on the pier to a building that is very close to it. connected those to google. so what happened was -- >> i'm sorry. i was not sure if you could hear me. so you were saying, you thought there were buildingser in a by that were linked to google was part of how you figured it out? >> exactly. i had gotten a tip online that google was renting this building
4:18 pm
on treasure island in the san francisco bay. and when i started digging into it i found all these clues such as i went to the building and i asked for google and i was told to go down to a door a little on the right. i asked pem on the island and people had heard google was out there. and someone said people were paying for lunch at a local cafe with google credit cards. >> you're a sleuth and a reporter. thank you very much. sort of the story and mystery has camden vatd everybody. is google is building this, what will they use it for? maybe things lake the google glass. still to come, a six-hour killing spree has come to an end. and another day of bizarre testimony with a former doctor. today his mistress was on the stand. she talk about what what they did together. and a gas station operator shot by a would be robber but his life was saved by what you're
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was the mistress a motive for murder? steamy testimony today in the murder trial of utah doctor martin macneill.
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his former mistress, her name is gypsy willis, spoke about the passionate affair before and after the death of his wife it was. a a relationship that involve at wedding rings just months after prosecutors say he drugged and drown his wife. jean casarez as you know, covering this story on location. she is "outfront." >> reporter: day two of gypsy willis' testimony took jury back into her tangled love affair with martin macneill. a secret kept from his wife michelle along with the rest of the family before and after her death. >> were you exchanging terms of endearment in teskes? >> i love you, i wish you were here at work. >> probably. >> a respected physician and mormon sunday school teacher is accused of murdering his wife with a lethalal combination of drug after that you are go her
4:24 pm
to together a facelift. she moved binto the home as the family nanny and his lover. willis admitted she sent him hundreds of texts as well as provocative photos even the day after his wife died. >> i took pictures of myself whenever i thought i looked okay. yeah. >> you described the content of these two pictures for me? >> they are of me in a mirror. you know, exposing my back. >> is it exposing below your back as well? >> there is one picture where it is a little bit suggestive. >> it is showing your buttocks. >> yeah. >> and the other one, it is not showing your chest area but you are shirtless. >> well, i'm -- my back is exposed. >> and it wasn't long before
4:25 pm
talk of marriage was in the air. >> it was a diamond ring. >> how big? >> how big carat? >> yeah. >> 4 1/2 carats. >> do you remember the cost of the ring? >> around $7,000. ? in material of marriage plan, the two of were you very serious about getting married. >> i believe so. >> were the of two you ever officially married? >> no. >> despite not being officially married, you still held yourself out as gillian macneill? >> yes. >> did you have a marriage date on this? >> the marriage date is listed as april freenl. >> of what year? >> 2007. >> what is the significance of april 14, 2007? >> that is day of the funeral. >> despite their hidden relationship, willis denied any involvement in the death of michele mack neal. >> in light of all this information, are you telling us you don't know anything more about michele's death? >> that is correct. >> but the bombshell of the day
4:26 pm
did not come from gypsy. it was her mother who took the stand and recounted a conversation she had with martin macneill shortly after he became engaged to her daughter. >> he said to me that he had never loved michele. and then amended that to say, well, i did, i loved her as a sister but i did not love her the way i love gypsy. >> the jury also saw a videotaped interview today, done in 2008 with then 7-year-old aida macneill. cameras could not capture it as per the judge's order but i saw aida on that videotape. she had pig tails, bows, a satin head band. she was so nervous. she didn't want to talk about her mother rebecause theed to talk about her father. but after she was left alone and she was able to scribble with crayons so aggressively, she came back and she said that she and her father went into the master bathroom. she saw her mother floating in brown liquid.
4:27 pm
and that her mother was fully clothed and fully in the tub. but she did not say that her head was next to the spout of the shower which is inconsistent with what martin macneill is saying. >> thank you. still to come, we have news. a secret report reveal the white house knew the obama care website had launch before the launch. they haven't said that before. why was it ignored? plus dramatic testimony, that witnesses including his girl describe the moments before the ship went down. and one of most exciting moments ever. we're going to show you the entire video in tonight's shoutout. this one stoork pendous. pendous. . . .
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. welcome back to the second half of "outfront." we are learning tonight how close the u.s. got to nabbing the only man charged in the benghazi attack in which four americans were kill last september. when u.s. special forces captured former al qaeda operative in triply earlier this month, they were just hours away from launching another raid. this one, the leading suspect in the benghazi attack. but cnn has learned the cattala mission was called off because there was too much publicity about the capture. this raise questions about whether the tradeoff was the right one. one grim discovery after another. police say a 36-year-old man went on a killing spree near dallas. it lasted about six hours. five people including his mother and aunt had been found dead in
4:32 pm
four different locations. at least three shot to death. charles brown was arrested after he crash his car during a high speed police chase and attempted to flee on foot. he was reportedly intoxicated by an unknown substance. he has been charged with one count of camden murder and at this point police haven't revealed a motive. key testimony in the manslaughter trial of the costa concordia captain. prosecuted painted a picture of chaos as it sank. ultimately 32 people lost their lives. there was testimony regard go the day of the crash and a ballerina also took the stand confirming she was his lover at the time. barbie reports she was his guest on board and may have distracted him from properly evacuating the ship. an amazing story out of florida. a gas station clerk ordered by an armed robber to open the door
4:33 pm
safe. he was that able to do it. the suspect then fired a single round to try to kill him and fled. police arrived and then this happened. >> he said i feel like my chest hurt. they started looking at the clerk and that's when they realize that had guy shot him, hit him, and the cell phone stopped the bullet. he is happy to be alive. >> it is incredible. the clerk's cell phone was shattered. the bullet found inside. that's the cell phone you see. there his life was saved. police tell us the suspect is still at large but they do have surveillance video and some leads. now our fifth story "outfront." the breaking news at this hour. a secret report revealing that the white house knew the obama care website had problems weeks before the launch. so why did the health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius say the president didn't know anything about the website problems? and why were the warnings ignored? what are you learning about this report? about what they knew?
4:34 pm
>> the main contractor, the key contractor issued this confidential report to the agency overseeing the health rollout. it warnld of a number of open risks and issues for the health webb. the report gave the highest priority to things in plain language like we don't have access to monitoring tools, not enough time to schedule or conduct adequate performance testing and hub services are enter mittenly unavailable. short for the sights not sim. they were saying back in september they were putting a team in place to alert whenever the hub go down. >> now, obviously the question is, did people in the white house know the significance of that? but what is the administration saying? kathleen sebelius has been so adamant that the president didn't know anything. what does this mean about that and why were the warnings ignored? >> they did issue a very brief, almost terse statement just minutes ago saying in part, this
4:35 pm
was a document at a point in time that identified issues, and we worked to address those issues and all issues identified. so i think they're playing up the fact that this was a report that was issued to the government early in september and they had several weeks to try to work with those things that needed to be fixed. the implication was they did the best they could. >> and they said work on them and it wasn't their fault it wasn't fixed, i suppose. joe johns, thank you very much. now i want to bring in the former white house press secretary. bill, you just heard joe johns reporting that the obama administration knew in accept that the webb wasn't ready to go live. people seeing what really happened and the scale of the problems thus far, ask fairly, how could they have ignored that? >> i don't think anyone is ignoring any of the problems happening. but what is happening is thousands upon thousands of people are successfully going
4:36 pm
online and able to sign up for health care which they may have not had before or had access to before. there are obvious bank robberies the sgebt the way it was rolled out. at the end of the day the long term effects will have such a vast positive impact on the lives of so many americans that these short term health website problems are just that. short term website problems that can be fixed. and look. you may be absolutely right about that. history could prove you 1,000% right but there has to be some frustration that warnings were given and nothing was done. >> no doubt there's frustration that this is not all going perfectly. no big program rolls out. no big product rolls out without having any products and glitches. even new iphones and ipads. that doesn't mean they are not completely dominating the phone and tablet market. the issue is that technology takes time to work out the kinks. to figure out the problems, get in there and fix them and make
4:37 pm
sure peel have health care. but you have to look at the long term. short term, a couple week or months where the website is having problems, yes, it is frustrating. in the long material this will have a positive impact. >> do you buy that? at all? >> well, no. on several fronts. one, in the private segtor there is accountability. what we've heard is cover-up. i'm not sure what is more troubling. what they did know and didn't act on on issue after issue, what they seem to not know. there is a big problem going on about what people in the government know and don't know and who is being held accountable. and it is nobody. and unlike bill's example on the iphone and the other products that come out of private segtor, people are held accountable. and that this sort of behavior would never be tolerated. but i will agree with bill on this one quick point, the website will get fixed. long term it will be about this. letters that colleagues and friends are getting all over the country saying your health care will be dropped from now on. you have to go out and buy new
4:38 pm
health care. the plan that you were promised you could keep, you are not allowed to deem. and you're probably going on pay more for it. so that i think the long-term problem, the website is just a short term problem. i think that in itself, we have a the love issues with accountability and waste of hundred of millions of tax dollars. the long-term problem is that the cost will be borne by the american people who will have to go out and buy new plans. >> let me ask but this. we have a words, accountability, apology and one is inappropriate. the first official obama care apology came today. someone being accountable. here it is. >> i want to apologize to you that the website has not worked as well as it should. i want to assure you that health can and will be fixed. >> that was the chief marilyn taverner. people are saying shouldn't
4:39 pm
someone else be saying apologies? >> this is such a washington game, right? spicer talks about, there is no accountability. nobody is taking responsibility. you saw the head of cms in that video take responsibility and apologize for it today. the president has acknowledged that there were problems. secretary sebelius has acknowledged there were problems. the washington game of parsing who is saying what when, i think irrelevant to what the situation is. there is a webb. it is helping thousands upon thousands of people get health care. it has some problems getting fixed and it will be a long term solution to the health care crisis in this country. >> that's the problem. >> there should be accountability and there is. and i'm be going on take advice on government waste when the republican party just shut down government to the tune of $24 billion. for no reason whatsoever. so i think that there has been accountability and these problems are being fixed but this is a short material problem. >> who is being held accountable? what person? name the person? who is being health accountable?
4:40 pm
>> you just saw that tape. >> name one person. you spend $400 million. >> what are you saying? asking bill should someone be fired? >> i'm saying, somebody, her coming out three weeks later. it is now the middle of okay. the edge of october and you have the head of cms saying, hey, i'm sorry about this. and frankly, to three weeks we've been hearing about glitches and this was about demand and it isn't a big problem. i think that calling that accountable is ridiculous. accountable is saying on day onering with blew $400 million on the taxpayers' money. somebody will get fired on this. >> if only republicans had this kind of energy about getting people covered with health insurance. instead it is about glitches on a website. >> i'm equally concerned about everyone who is getting these letters. all these people from california to florida who is getting a letter in their mailbox or an e-mail saying, the plan that you have is getting terminated. your employer, material nighting their health care.
4:41 pm
i care about those people. >> okay. hold on. >> i have to change the topic. i want to get to the other a word. that's the one i won't say on this show but it is headlines. you both heard it. the republican senator reportedly said, and i'll quote him. saddlely i don't have the you had a yoex there's no comity with harry reid. i think he is an absolute a-hole. how do you defend that? senator coburn is often a guy who takes high road but this is what makes washington look pathetic. >> i'm not going to defend the use of that kind of language. i think that you're right in your description of senator coburn. he is somebody who could nnstan reaches across. he is always looking to reach across the aisle and work with people to make this government more accountable and better. to have him reach that level of frustration, and it is something that bears out in mark's book
4:42 pm
that he is not someone who plays well. it may have been inappropriate but i think the sentiment expressed by senator coburn is something that harry reid's own colleagues would agree with. >> and his response was this is childish play ground name calling, especially from a senator who hasn't sponsored a successful piece of legislation during his career. >> he is a guy about getting thing done. he is able to get government back open, get the debt ceiling raised, move things forward. it is hard to take seriously the notion that anyone who is really that open to across the lines, they're using that kind of language in a public setting to describe their colleagues. hard to make any progress. >> he call the president of the united states a liar. harry reid is not someone who has demonstrated good behavior ever. >> i'm sure there will be a check on behavior. >> i think bill was correct in saying there are very few people
4:43 pm
who want to reach across the aisle. our sixth story, a teen carrying a rifle. the 13-year-old boy who was shot and kill by a california sheriff's dem. the deputy claims he mistook teen's pellet gun for a genuine assault rifle. tonight's remembrance with hundreds taking to the streets calling it a tragedy of unnecessary force and racism. dan simon is "outfront." >> reporter: in santa rosa, hundred of protesters, many of them teenagers skipping school. demanding justice. the 13-year-old shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy who thought the teenager pose ad deadly threat holding what turn out to be a toy gun. an ak-47 rep lick. a some think the depp and his partner shows poor judgment or worse, deliberately targeted a
4:44 pm
hispanic youth. >> we're here to say a badge is not a license to kill. we have no confidence in the police or politicians. >> reporter: investigators from another police department are still reviewing the case. but thus far, seem to be defending the deputy. 24-year veteran eric saying that towed quickly react based on what he saw at the time. >> narrator: that the weapon appeared real. that the subject appeared to be turning toward them. and the barrel of the weapon appeared to be rising in their general direction. >> reporter: the fbi is also investigating whether lopez' civil rights were violated and even though he was just 13, they told investigators, they didn't realize he was so young. ? they didn't realize until after the incident was over the particular age of the subject. what they focused on was the very real looking replica assault rifle that the subject was carrying. >> reporter: complicating matters, the rifle did not have
4:45 pm
an orange cap on the end of the barrel required by law to be put on toys. protesters say this is the case of an overzealous deputy. >> we want this person jailed and charged with murder. we'll keep watching and keep walking out of school until this happens. >> reporter: we are at the sonoma county sheriff's office where this march is. you can see the barricades and deputies in full riot gear to make sure nothing got out of control. everything was peaceful and there are more protests planned for later in the week. still to colonel, iran's soccer team preparing for the world com. plus, how a single e-mail may have just ended this marine's career. and a new record. so that tiny, tiny speck is a
4:46 pm
surfer, carlos, riding what could be a record 100-foot wave off the coast of portugal. if this is certified, he will break the old world record by a whopping 22 feet which was also set off the coast of portugal. there is an underwater canyon that helps those big waves form there and then they get an extra boost from the storms. and there was a major atlanta storm which hit the uk which was responsible for this. the shoutout goes to him, not for riding the wave, surely that's impressive, but for helping another surfer who was knocked unconscious after falling off her board. when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals:
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our stechlt story out front. does the punishment fit the crime? a single e-mail may end pay juror jason's career. many say his warning could have saved lives, so why is he the one facing punishment? ivan watson reports in this out front investigation. >> reporter: jason is not just a new york city fireman. he's also a highly decorated officer in the u.s. marine reserve serving tours in iraq
4:51 pm
and afghanistan. so why is he facing possible discharge on less than honorable terms of serving 13 years with the marines? >> for a man like jason, being asked to separate from marine corps you love so much would be worse than jail. >> reporter: he cannot speak about the case because it's under review so his attorney is speaking for him. he says he was in the u.s. in the summer of 2012 when he received an urgent message to his yahoo account from the officers. >> it said in all capital will thors with exclamation points, sar war john. he had a history. >> when jason was serving in
4:52 pm
2010, he caused that afghan police official to be fired because he was raping children. >> reporter: almost immediately after receiving the e-mail he responded attaching a classified document warning the marines that john was a threat. cnn has repeatedly tried to get an official account of what happened next, but every major military agency involved has declined to comment. the marine corps said due to the mishandling of classified information, he has been ordered to show cause for retention in the u.s. marine corps before a board of inquiry that point to the use of the unsecure yahoo account, a breach of security, yes, but one that some believe could have saved lives. what do you think would have happened if the cokocommandered listened to the advice of major bresler? >> i would have my son.
4:53 pm
i don't think it's asking -- i would have my boy with me today. >> reporter: less than two weeks after bresler sent the e-mail warning about john, his son was shot and killed along with two other marines at the same base. >> he was in the gym with his friends just working out, and they just walked in and -- walked in with an ak-47 given to them by the chief of police and at about 8:30 at night on august 10th, executed three marines. >> the only reason that the shooter was on that base and had access is because he was the child sex abuse victim. >> reporter: the suspected shooter was reportedly a teenage student and detained after the shooting but officials say they do not know their whereabouts. 14 months later, u.s. central
4:54 pm
come manl mand is yet to publis results into the incident. the only person facing charges is major bresler for using an unsecure account. >> it's wrong to go after the one person who seems to have done by all accounts, the right thing. >> reporter: the many unanswered questions leading congressman peter king and buckley's family to come to major bresler's defense. >> he should be given a medal, not prosecuting. >> reporter: they are not commenting further on the case to avoid influencing the three officers he'll face had the board of inquiry next month. until then, he'll face on his current job, fighting fires and saving lives. >> we look forward to your feedback on that report. still to come, an american in iran with a mission to win. it's a growing trend in business: do more with less with less energy.
4:55 pm
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and we're back with tonight's "outer circle" where we go to iran tonight. i asked why the coach decided to go to iran. >> reporter: erin, an american citizen making headlines for his decision to move here to iran and help iran's national soccer
4:59 pm
team qualify for the world cup. he was born in connecticut and been to the world cup with the portuguese team. he was coaching hartford when a colleague called him up and said how would you like to move to iran and help me coach this team? at the time iran was lock in a bitter feud with washington and many u.s. politicians called iran a rogue and dangerous nation secretly building a nuclear bomb. some still do. his friends and family said no to go. he ignored the warpgings and came here. initially he said he was a little wary. now that he knows iran a little bit, he said what you often hear and see from visitors in iran. he said he's had an incredible time here and met the former president. his goal he says to bring the world cup back to iran, then he's coming back to the u.s. after an incredible journey, erin? >> thanks to resa and an
5:00 pm
>> thanks to resa and an incredible journey indeed. -- captions by vitac -- good evening evening. reporting on obama care, allegations administration is trying to sal silence doubts about the rollout and edward snowden's latest bombshell. they listened in on friendly global leaders and american's top spy said there is nothing new. i'll talk to glenn greenwald, what he says. catch a wave and you're sitting on top of the world and catch this wave and you may land in the record books. i'll talk to a surfer on what it is like to hang ten on a 100-foot ocean wave, only here. we begin with big new developments in the obama care story. this is different from the political war fair you see night after night on the partisan news channels because health care reform is so